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Home Plumbing Tips 

How to…Prevent Your Outdoor Pipes from Freezing

If you want to prevent your outdoor pipes from cracking this winter, you need to take action before the temperature drops.  Turn off any outside water by using the shut-off valves that are usually located in your garage, under sinks or near your outside wall.  This will prevent your pipes from freezing over the winter, and in turn prevent them from cracking.​

How to…Prevent Your Indoor Pipes from Freezing

As for your indoor pipes, the solution is pretty simple.  Simply maintain an inside temperature above 13 degrees during the winter. This applies even if you are away from home.  Since Canterbury winters tend to get pretty chilly, these low temperatures are hardly a stretch.  If you have any pipes located in a cabinet near an outside wall, remember to open the cabinets at night. This will let warmer air circulate around the pipes and help avoid unwanted freezing. Insulating your pipes is also an option.

How to…Help Your Water Heater Work Properly

If your water heater performs efficiently, it can save you money during the winter.  Be sure to check the area around the water heater, ensuring it is warm as possible. Also, check anything near the water heater that could cause a draft to form, for example open windows, doors, crawl spaces, or missing insulation. Seal around windows, close off crawl spaces, and beef up the insulation if need be.

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