Call on Rex Beazer Plumbing Ltd when you require Commercial and Residential Gas Fitting jobs to be done right the first time!  “Is your existing cooker tired and in need of replacement? Perhaps your existing hot water system no longer reheats fast enough, or is the pressure too low?".Rex Beazer Plumbing Ltd can help provide solutions to the above problems and get your household or business running smoothly again.Accredited with the knowledge of gas fitting requirements in New Zealand, Rex Beazer and his team ensure all their work meets relevant safety standards and compliance regulations.  Rex Beazer Plumbing Ltd specialises in the fitting and installation of gas hot water systems, gas cooking (commercial and domestic), gas heating systems and repair of gas hot water systems.Gas is the superior way to heat and cook in your home as it provides:convenienceconsistencysavingsversatilityeasier, more affordable maintenancereliable supplyincreased resale value of your homefuture possibilities (can be used in all areas of your house for various purposes)environmental benefits Rex can recommend, supply, and install the leading brand of gas hot water system that would best suit your needs. He has the knowledge to ensure that your building gets the right unit for its energy requirement needs.Call Rex today to assist you with a free no obligation quote tailored to your specific requirements whether commercial or residential. CONTACT REX EITHER BY:Phone: 027 457 1323Email: ​​

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Rex and his team cover all aspects of drainlaying including minor drain repair, alterations to major commercial and sub-divisional drainage, and drain installation work. Rex says: “We can help you with your sewers, stormwater issues, soak pits, septic tanks, field drains, pumps, road drainage, new housing...”.A lot of our work involves fixing your drainlaying issues quickly and providing solutions so that the problem you are facing is eliminated from happening a second time.Drainlaying in Christchurch post-earthquake has been a challenge with a lot of drainlaying companies undertaking work with minimal knowledge and skills to perform the job right the first time.Hence the Rex Beazer team has been called out to fix the issues following work that did not meet the required standard.Some of our drainlaying work is in conjunction with our plumbing services so we really are a one stop shop for all your plumbing and drainage requirements.We are proud of our high safety standards and skilled staff and provide a prompt, friendly, quality service which always complies with the New Zealand Building Code.Talk to Rex today about your drainlaying needs in Christchurch and we can provide you with a quote on request also. CONTACT REX EITHER BY:Phone: 027 457 1323Email: ​

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If you need a plumber in Christchurch for commercial or domestic work then give Rex a call today from Rex Beazer Plumbing Ltd.Rex is a master plumber with expert skills and knowledge who will do the job right the first time. He has over 20 years of plumbing experience and is able to work out the best solution to your plumbing problem.As a Plumber Christchurch, Rex is available 24/7 should you have a plumbing emergency on your hands he can come to you straight away.Rex says: “Modern plumbing is not just about connecting pipes, there are a lot of technical considerations to take into account when renovating or building a home, business or commercial property”.  commercialFor commercial work Rex will work with your builder to get your job completed within your time frame and on budget. Rex can provide his consultant expertise to your building project and undertake specialist work if required, and provide competitive pricing.If you are in charge of an investment property Rex is able to provide a competitive quote on scheduled plumbing maintenance for any work required on a regular basis in the Canterbury area.

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Need a Christchurch Plumber at a moment's notice that is available 24 hours for emergency services? Look no further as Rex Beazer, Owner of Rex Beazer Plumbing Ltd, has you covered.Rex is on call 24 hours should the unimaginable happen and you having a plumbing emergency. Being a Christchurch Plumber Rex is used to coping with earthquake related plumbing issues and emergencies.Rex has close to 20 years of plumbing experience and is a registered qualified plumber so you can be assured of a job well done the first time.  If you have a domestic plumbing problem that you are not sure about give Rex a call and he can let you know how much it will cost and provide options to remedy the issue for you asap.Whether you have a leaking tap or toilet, sewer blockage, or a major water leak Rex can be there in a jiffy.For any commercial plumbing problems call your reliable Christchurch Plumber, Rex Beazer of Rex Beazer Plumbing Ltd and he will come to your work premises 24/7 also.No job is too big or too small and Rex has the knowledge to accomplish a good outcome every time, even with those hard to fix jobs.Rex understands the importance of urgent attention to the plumbing problems that our commercial customers might encounter.If you have an investment property and would like a Christchurch Plumber that can attend to regular plumbing maintenance work, request a competitive quote from Rex today.When it comes to residential kitchen and bathroom renovations in around Christchurch, Rex Beazer Plumbing Ltd is the company you can trust to get there fast, any time and any day of the week.For reliable and professional service call your experienced Christchurch Plumber Rex Beazer, of Rex Beazer Plumbing Ltd today. Request a quote by phoning 027 457 1323 or email us here.