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Residential Gas Fitting jobs to be done right the first time!



“Is your existing cooker tired and in need of replacement? Perhaps your existing hot water system no longer reheats fast enough, or is the pressure too low?".

Rex Beazer Plumbing Ltd can help provide solutions to the above problems and get your household or business running smoothly again.

Accredited with the knowledge of gas fitting requirements in New Zealand, Rex Beazer and his team ensure all their work meets relevant safety standards and compliance regulations.  

Rex Beazer Plumbing Ltd specialises in the fitting and installation of gas hot water systems, gas cooking (commercial and domestic), gas heating systems and repair of gas hot water systems.

Gas is the superior way to heat and cook in your home as it provides:

  • convenience
  • consistency
  • savings
  • versatility
  • easier, more affordable maintenance
  • reliable supply
  • increased resale value of your home
  • future possibilities (can be used in all areas of your house for various purposes)
  • environmental benefits

Rex can recommend, supply, and install the leading brand of gas hot water system that would best suit your needs. He has the knowledge to ensure that your building gets the right unit for its energy requirement needs.

Call Rex today to assist you with a free no obligation quote tailored to your specific requirements whether commercial or residential.



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