about us


Who we are

Rex is the owner and operator of Rex Beazer Plumbing Ltd Christchurch. Rex has been fixing pipes and installing plumbing fittings for 20 years. He's been gradually working his way down the country and is now settled in Christchurch with his beautiful wife and daughters.

In his spare time, Rex loves the outdoors - a ride on his mountain bike, a beer with his mates. A down to earth guy, Rex prides himself on doing a good job and knowing his stuff

Rex the Plumber understands the constraints of working on your commercial site and is able to work within those.

What we do

Modern plumbing is not just about connecting pipes, there are a lot of technical considerations to take into account when renovating or building a home, business or commercial property.

Rex has a wide range of experience in all of these things and is able to work out the best solution to your plumbing problem. He is able to work with your builder to get your job completed in your time frame and on budget. 

Rex Beazer Plumbing Ltd offers a range of services. Rex and his team is able to help you with your heating, plumbing, drainage and 24 hour plumbing call outs.

He really understands service and with great knowledge of the plumbing industry. Talk to him about your project, deal direct with the man on the tools and get a competitive price!